søndag 18. juli 2010

Photoshoot with Filippo Caroti for the October-show in Tallinn

I have had the previlge of meeting two abnormally gifted and interesting dancers from the ballet at the Opera in Tallinn, Anastassia Sav and Nadezda Antipenko - and also the very famous Italian photographer Fillipo Caroti. Combined with one of Harri´s old MG´s the result was obvious - a supercrazy photoshoot on a basketball court with a funky old piano which Helen managed to get a hold of from the most generous Heiki from Reval pianos, one very original pianomuseum in Tallinn. And yes - all of the people involved here are of course members of the creative mafia in Tallinn! These photos were just taken with my camera. Just to give you a glimps of what you are to expect - I tell you, the edited result of Caroti will blow your expectations all the way to the moon and back again.

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