fredag 30. juli 2010

The exotic Fyrlyd Festival, Lista/Farsund (Norway)

These last couple of days I have had the pleasure of performing at the Fyrlyd Festival in the very south of Norway, at Lista and in Farsund - both close to Kristiansand. The artistic directors of the festival, Ingvild Koksvik Amundsen and Lars Jakob Rudfjord - impressed me with innovative ideas, great concert halls and a most wonderful way of reciveing their artists!

This festival hosts a lot of great musicians from many genres, it´s worth wild getting down here in the south of Norway to experience the wild and untamed nature of Lista and Farsund, people! And last but not least, to experience the wonderful concerts in the coolest places ever - not to speak of where the artists spend their time between he concerts!!

Allways a great pleasure to play with Bjarne Magnus Jensen! "Husan" - Great concert hall in Farsund!!

Koksvik and Rudfjord are not only administrating the whole festival, but also performing. They are both extremely gifted musicians with something really special to offer. Check it all out at !!

After my last concert I was given this little airplane engine by the festival to cruse around in and enjoy the fantastic nature of Lista. Now THAT´S a festival which kicks ass!!

I also made friends quickly, as you can see...

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