lørdag 29. mai 2010

Garden and house-concert at Aksel´s place

I did some stand up comedy on "Russians" and Fred Uno Huvenes on "Arabic litterature", Russian Gipsy songs by Solfrid Molland, I played some Shumann Gershin/Kolstad, Benjamin Britten´s solo suite for cello by Ingvild Nesdal Sandnes and a little encore by Farué... and THEN the party began... <3 Don´t miss out on our next house-concert :)
Check out our mediacenter for more photos http://www.cafedeconcert.no/mediacenter

onsdag 19. mai 2010

Café de Concert at Caffe Vivaldi

I performed at the legendary Caffe Vivaldi again yesterday night with a full house of crazy Norwegians and local customers.
Had a great time performing, super inspired by the wonderful musicians Jessie Montgommery (violin) and Amanda Gookin (cello).
Read more about it on www.cafedeconcert.no/blog

tirsdag 18. mai 2010

17th of May in New York

I remember my first time in New York on May 15th 2007. Walking down Lexington Avenue and 53 Street with a heart raceing like lightening, towards what was to become where my creative Manhattan-soul would blossom like never before, The Norwegian Seaman´s Church. I still have that feeling, walking down Lexington and 53rd, every time. The community of wonderful people and insanely gifted artists inspire in ways no pen in my power can yet describe. Celebrateing Norway´s National Day with all of these great people both working and hanging out at the church makes me so incredibly Norwegian! And there is nothing more Norwegian than beeing Norwegian and playing Norwegian music abroad. Especially when performing one´s own contemporary music, like I did during the official 17th of May-concert at 7 pm, last night. This was definitly the best national celebration in my life!! And I got to lead the whole parade, in my new, pink Moods of Norway-suit:) Huge Café de Concert-concert at Caffe Vivaldi tomorrow, can´t wait!!

fredag 14. mai 2010

Midnight-concert in a dance-studio (Tasapisitasakaalu studio)

I attended a photo exhibition two days ago, met some cool people from Tallin and told them I was touring Estonia. Unfortunately they weren´t able to attend any of my schedueled concerts in Tallin, Sagadi, Tartu or Pärnu. So - we came up with the idea of makeing a midnight-concert on the 13th somewhere in Tallin, so they would be able to attend the concert. I talked with a new and wonderful friend I just met a couple of hours earlier, the extraordinary and talented Helen Lõhmus (which actually was the one who envited me the exibithion in the first place) and within the day, she had found a perfect location for our spontanious-made concert, and by the end of the following day, there were 96 attending on the concerts facebook-event. Just after my performance in Pärnu on the 13th, my supercool manager for the Estonia-tour drove me 1,5 hours straight back to Tallin, I came to the dance-studio at two minutes to midnight - and then one of the coolest concerts I have ever played flew through the night with an amazeing crowd of at least 120 people! Can´t wait to come back to Tallin in July! Helen - you rock!

Pärnu - one of the cities I will return to this summer :)

A full house with an audience who gave me so much energy made even the weather Gods respond to the music.
Sunshine, rain, thunder and lightening danced along my performance outside the windows of creativity on stage.
The solo concert soon became an interesting chambermusic concert for piano, sun, water and natural electricity...mindblowing,
I´ll never forget it! And what a magnificant Estinoa grand piano it had...!!!

Tour Manager in thinking-mode...

Tartu - the town in Estonia where time stands still

Something happenes when you drive in to Tartu, some magic clock says stop - and you float around between space and nowhere. Which is a great feeling! One I gladly took with me into the University Hall on May 12th, a most outstanding concert hall with fantastic acoustics and a marvellous Steinway D-model. This place used to be the hottest hall to perform in in these parts during the Soviet-time, I can understand why. But not why it isn´t marketed better these days. That remains for me a mistery. But what a great time I had performing in that hall...I completely forgot time and space....

tirsdag 11. mai 2010

Concert at the Norwegian Embassy´s galla dinner, Tallin

The Norwegian Embassy envited me to do a concert performance under their galla dinner at the well known Olympia Hotel in Tallin. Great fun, lots of interesting people - GREAT FOOD!!!!

mandag 10. mai 2010

The wonderful Nano-house

If you´re in Tallin you need to check out this supercool café/restaurant, run by Priit Kuusik and his world famous wife and model Beatrice, check out www.agencybeta.ee. I believe she is the coolest model, with insanely cool ideas, I have ever met!
Here you get home made gourmet food - and the best breakfast you have EVER had!

søndag 9. mai 2010

Aksel "off stage" in Tallin

"Pikk" means something quite special in Norwegian...

"Segway" - the new way to go sightseeing!

Wonderful friends!!

Look what I found wondering in the streets of Tallin!!?? Kristin Dahle - head of Innovation Norway for the Americas.... :)

Raimond Raadik´s photos from Sagadi Mõis...

The wonderful lady of the house gave me tulips after the concert <3>
This cat knew when there was a photographer nearby....

Annely Abel, my wonderful Estonian manager - and the the photoloving cat...

Aksel: Look, Annely - one day I will perform on the moon!
Annely: Keep dreaming, Aksel - dreams do actually come true....