onsdag 16. november 2011

Kolibri Musikkakademi

Hi, guys! Would just like to make you aware of my good friend and wonderful pianist Andrijana Vuckovic´s music academy for up and coming youngsters! Andrijana has such an enthusiatic way of teaching that all of her studens blossom in the split of a second!
Got a kid or know somebody that´s keen on starting to lern the piano in Oslo? Tell her I said hi;)

Take a look at Kolibri Musikkakademi´s video presentation HERE

Andrijana Vuckovic, pianist and piano teacher
email: post@kolibrimusikkakademi.no
phone: +47 96 88 03 64

tirsdag 8. november 2011

"World´s best wiener´s"-photoshoot

Øyvind Karlsen wiener´s - for world class performancesSilje Reinåmo, actress. Photos: Patrick Oldenborg

BMW and world class wiener´s

Makeing the commercial videos for two of my sponsors was great fun! And the BMW 2012 640 ia cabriolet was absolutely INSANE to drive. And the super hot model Ksenia Storlykken was a thrill to work with! We had so much fun :) You steamed up Mozart, baby, thank you ;)

To watch the hot commercial click here
More photos from the shoot....

And then - since I allways serve wiener´s at my concerts at Café de Concert I just HAD to let the world know what the name of the world´s best wiener´s is: "ØYVIND KALRSEN WIENER`S". I had the privilege of working with a really great young actress in this shoot, Silje Reinåmo. You can see her in the movies in February 2012! Don´t miss her movie-debut!! She got CLASS!More photos coming!
To see the wiener-video clich here