mandag 12. desember 2011

Exhibition for Meriliis Rinne

More photos from the successful exhibiton here.

Turnes out that one of the photos from my previous "AK the new fragrance of art"-exhibition inspires for new poses :D

Sponsor Concert for BMW Fornebu Bilia

On November 18th the supercool staff from BMW Fornebu Bilia with some friends came flying in on the red carpet, and "Café de Concert hosted a funky concert with Kolstad untamed on the grand piano" followed by a kick ass party! Thank you BMW Fornebu Bilia for sponsoring me!! Special thanks to Øyvind Berger!

onsdag 16. november 2011

Kolibri Musikkakademi

Hi, guys! Would just like to make you aware of my good friend and wonderful pianist Andrijana Vuckovic´s music academy for up and coming youngsters! Andrijana has such an enthusiatic way of teaching that all of her studens blossom in the split of a second!
Got a kid or know somebody that´s keen on starting to lern the piano in Oslo? Tell her I said hi;)

Take a look at Kolibri Musikkakademi´s video presentation HERE

Andrijana Vuckovic, pianist and piano teacher
phone: +47 96 88 03 64

tirsdag 8. november 2011

"World´s best wiener´s"-photoshoot

Øyvind Karlsen wiener´s - for world class performancesSilje Reinåmo, actress. Photos: Patrick Oldenborg

BMW and world class wiener´s

Makeing the commercial videos for two of my sponsors was great fun! And the BMW 2012 640 ia cabriolet was absolutely INSANE to drive. And the super hot model Ksenia Storlykken was a thrill to work with! We had so much fun :) You steamed up Mozart, baby, thank you ;)

To watch the hot commercial click here
More photos from the shoot....

And then - since I allways serve wiener´s at my concerts at Café de Concert I just HAD to let the world know what the name of the world´s best wiener´s is: "ØYVIND KALRSEN WIENER`S". I had the privilege of working with a really great young actress in this shoot, Silje Reinåmo. You can see her in the movies in February 2012! Don´t miss her movie-debut!! She got CLASS!More photos coming!
To see the wiener-video clich here

torsdag 29. september 2011

Photos from the AMAZING Trondheim Chambermusic Festival 2011

@ Lade Gaard. (all photos: Trondheim Chambermusic Festival
David Hansen, countertenor. Two funky men with funkey moods and nikey´s! David and me with Kim Kashkashian after playing two wonderful Brahms-songs.

mandag 26. september 2011

Bouncing from festival to festival

Right after my Café de Concert-festival in Oslo I headed out for Tallinn Chambermusic festival, which was awsome!
Got to play for a full house with great and my favourite Estonian musicians, Kristina Kriit, violin and Levi-Danel Mägila, cello.
AND I met the superfantastic English-Swedish-Italian contemporary virtuoso Hugo Ticciati!
And of course - went out with Nadja and Anastassia :))
Today I just came back from the superduper Trondheim Chambermusic Festival where I did 5 concerts. It was an amazeing experience!! Several of our living classical legends were there! Mindblowing! Got to get to know and perform with a lot of fantastic musicians. Especially this guy! CHECK HIM OUT!! He showed up in a funky moods of norway jacket AND Nikey shoes. Need I say that we totally rocked the stage together?;)
Also got to play with the legendary violist Kim Kashkashian and the super elegant French prizewinning string quartet, Tercea.They were SO fun to play with! GREAT quartet!!
Leaving for New York this Saturday :) C u there, party-people!!

søndag 11. september 2011

My Café de Concert festival 2011

Thank you, everybody, for a wonderful festival at Tjuvholmen - the artistic district of Oslo! Here are some photos from a couple of the concerts!

fredag 2. september 2011

Stranded in NYC

Stranded in NYC for a week after "Hurricane Irene" barely hit Manhattan wasn´t really the worst place to be stranded in, to put it that way. But on the other hand, it had some challanges: had to cancel almost 10 concerts back home in Oslo and also had to administrate the last preparations for my Café de Concert-festival in three major cities in Norway - from overseas. Wasn´t easy but thank´s the magnificant Norwegian Seaman´s Church I managed to both practise and administrate as good as I would have been able to do in Norway. Thank you my wonderful friends in NYC who also contributed to makeing my extended stay as flawless as possible!! In a way I really don´t want to leave NYC (I never do, actually), but it will be all right to come back to my Café de Concert concert-gallery @ Tjuvholmen in Oslo to practise and prepare the festival. And also to get ready for the big in festivals in Tallinn (EST) and in Trondheim (NO) in the middle and in the end of September. Yup, gonna be a kick ass month!! Leaving this Sunday. Ready for more action!

Photos: Camilla Flaatten

søndag 28. august 2011

Memorial concert in NYC Aug 22nd

The Memorial Concert for Oslo/Utøya in NYC was totally sold out, people were standing in the hallway, outside the concert-hall at the wonderful WMP. Thank you, everybody, for a wonderful evening in memory of July 22nd in Oslo. The Catalyst Quartet was fenomenal, and Jonas Båtstrand made the audience go completely bananas, what a wonderful NY-debut for him! Congrats!