fredag 2. september 2011

Stranded in NYC

Stranded in NYC for a week after "Hurricane Irene" barely hit Manhattan wasn´t really the worst place to be stranded in, to put it that way. But on the other hand, it had some challanges: had to cancel almost 10 concerts back home in Oslo and also had to administrate the last preparations for my Café de Concert-festival in three major cities in Norway - from overseas. Wasn´t easy but thank´s the magnificant Norwegian Seaman´s Church I managed to both practise and administrate as good as I would have been able to do in Norway. Thank you my wonderful friends in NYC who also contributed to makeing my extended stay as flawless as possible!! In a way I really don´t want to leave NYC (I never do, actually), but it will be all right to come back to my Café de Concert concert-gallery @ Tjuvholmen in Oslo to practise and prepare the festival. And also to get ready for the big in festivals in Tallinn (EST) and in Trondheim (NO) in the middle and in the end of September. Yup, gonna be a kick ass month!! Leaving this Sunday. Ready for more action!

Photos: Camilla Flaatten

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