torsdag 8. mars 2012

Back from NYC, Grand Opening getting closer and closer

I had a fantastic time in NYC, back in Norway - touring with Rikskonsertene right now in Trondheim.

In between practising, composing and a lot of meetings I did three kick ass photo shoots. Two with the very gifted Norwegian photographer Trond Andersen at Gleason´s Gym where Tyson, Muhammed Ali and Fraiser used to box. And the other one at WMP Concert Hall - that shoot will blow your mind away, just wait! Both shoots will be exhibited at my grand opening of Café de Concert on April 18th at 8 pm in Oslo (Tjuvholmen)! I had the previlige of working together on set with the beautiful model Sara Elallawy aka The Coffee Woman from Tjuvholmen, on all shootsThird shoot was with the Colombian-American hot shot Alex Mora. This shoot was SICK, will also be exhibited before summer at Café de Concert!!Had somtime to chill out and reload, which is important in such a jet set life as I live (yes, I finally understood it)Save the date, April 18th at 8 pm at the opening of Café de Concert - you will see me do the Donald Duck orgasm, LIVE.Was a HUGE hit at Operaballet 2012!!

søndag 19. februar 2012

Off to New York after a craaazy week

Last Saturday I performed at the Opera in Nordfjoreid on the west coast of Norway, played on a superb Fazioli, crowd was excellent! Then - I hit the local bar at 11 pm and partied alone for about 2 hours :D Had two conference-concerts at Hotel Opera in Oslo for bright young Norwegian students, and got a standing ovation after the last concert, inspiering to see the young generation get inspired by Mr. Kolstad in action:) Drove a fancy BMW 520d sport-m to my concert in Gjøvik, which was PACKED with people, standing ovation and encores for the rock star ;) Thank you Øyvind Berger for letting my drive such a sweet ride to the concert!! Resonans concert series in Gjøvik is a kick ass project which ALL classical musicians should check out ASAP! They have a FANTASTIC Bechstein!! Had a looot of meetings regarding my new Café de Concert opening April 18th @ Tjuvholmen, check these photos - it´s HUGE!!!! Room for a loooot of Kolstad love and crazyness!!
And yesterday I was hosting the ceremonial concert of the amazing Masquerade 2012 in Oslo. Over 500 people in the concert hall, Universitetets Aula, and the two other miniconcerts I played at Gamle Logen later that evening was also PACKED with people! If you ever are in Oslo on February 16th next year - let´s meet up HERE :) Also performed with the fantastic Swedish soprano Negar Zarassi, she had her Norwegian debut yesterday, and boy did they love her!Met a veeery cool photographer, Frøydis Asp Ormåsen, and we have a MINDBLOWING exhibition coming up together!
New York tomorrow! Photoshoot with Alex Mora, Trond Andersen, a couple of house concerts, tons of meetings and lots of love to share for NYC! C u there, partypeople!! Time to represent my country again<3

- Aksel

mandag 6. februar 2012

"This is me"

So I´m on the road again, 2nd week of school concerts for children about the crazy Mozart in a fantastic city on the south west coast of Norway - Stavanger. One week ago I performed at Glogerfestspillene, the amazing chambermusic festival in Kongsberg, Norway. Press went nuts, but who can blame them ;) Next week in Oslo will be packed, looking forward to perform in the Opera in Norfjordeid already this weekend. Next weekend I´ll be performing at and hosting Oslo´s annual masquerade in Unitersitstets Aula and Gamle Logen. Will be awsome! YOU should come!! Chek out my new video, "This is me", which pretty much sums up who I am and what I represent:)

Leaving for New York on February 20th - can´t wait to see the Knicks on fire again!!

Allways blend out in a good way,
Best, Aksel 5 years

torsdag 19. januar 2012

Grand opening on April 18th!!

Yo guys! I´ll be opening a new place for Café de Concert - 150 m2 right next to the Astrup Fernley Museum in Oslo (Tjuvholmen) on April 18th at 8 pm. Save the date, it will be a blast! BMW will be exhibiting a new car every month inside Café de Concert and there will be lots of cool photo and painting ehxibitions in HUGE dimensions in addition to lots of fun concerts. And yeah - I´ll be hanging on the walls on the opening, of course :D

mandag 12. desember 2011

Exhibition for Meriliis Rinne

More photos from the successful exhibiton here.

Turnes out that one of the photos from my previous "AK the new fragrance of art"-exhibition inspires for new poses :D

Sponsor Concert for BMW Fornebu Bilia

On November 18th the supercool staff from BMW Fornebu Bilia with some friends came flying in on the red carpet, and "Café de Concert hosted a funky concert with Kolstad untamed on the grand piano" followed by a kick ass party! Thank you BMW Fornebu Bilia for sponsoring me!! Special thanks to Øyvind Berger!

onsdag 16. november 2011

Kolibri Musikkakademi

Hi, guys! Would just like to make you aware of my good friend and wonderful pianist Andrijana Vuckovic´s music academy for up and coming youngsters! Andrijana has such an enthusiatic way of teaching that all of her studens blossom in the split of a second!
Got a kid or know somebody that´s keen on starting to lern the piano in Oslo? Tell her I said hi;)

Take a look at Kolibri Musikkakademi´s video presentation HERE

Andrijana Vuckovic, pianist and piano teacher
phone: +47 96 88 03 64