søndag 19. februar 2012

Off to New York after a craaazy week

Last Saturday I performed at the Opera in Nordfjoreid on the west coast of Norway, played on a superb Fazioli, crowd was excellent! Then - I hit the local bar at 11 pm and partied alone for about 2 hours :D Had two conference-concerts at Hotel Opera in Oslo for bright young Norwegian students, and got a standing ovation after the last concert, inspiering to see the young generation get inspired by Mr. Kolstad in action:) Drove a fancy BMW 520d sport-m to my concert in Gjøvik, which was PACKED with people, standing ovation and encores for the rock star ;) Thank you Øyvind Berger for letting my drive such a sweet ride to the concert!! Resonans concert series in Gjøvik is a kick ass project which ALL classical musicians should check out ASAP! They have a FANTASTIC Bechstein!! Had a looot of meetings regarding my new Café de Concert opening April 18th @ Tjuvholmen, check these photos - it´s HUGE!!!! Room for a loooot of Kolstad love and crazyness!!
And yesterday I was hosting the ceremonial concert of the amazing Masquerade 2012 in Oslo. Over 500 people in the concert hall, Universitetets Aula, and the two other miniconcerts I played at Gamle Logen later that evening was also PACKED with people! If you ever are in Oslo on February 16th next year - let´s meet up HERE :) Also performed with the fantastic Swedish soprano Negar Zarassi, she had her Norwegian debut yesterday, and boy did they love her!Met a veeery cool photographer, Frøydis Asp Ormåsen, and we have a MINDBLOWING exhibition coming up together!
New York tomorrow! Photoshoot with Alex Mora, Trond Andersen, a couple of house concerts, tons of meetings and lots of love to share for NYC! C u there, partypeople!! Time to represent my country again<3

- Aksel

mandag 6. februar 2012

"This is me"

So I´m on the road again, 2nd week of school concerts for children about the crazy Mozart in a fantastic city on the south west coast of Norway - Stavanger. One week ago I performed at Glogerfestspillene, the amazing chambermusic festival in Kongsberg, Norway. Press went nuts, but who can blame them ;) Next week in Oslo will be packed, looking forward to perform in the Opera in Norfjordeid already this weekend. Next weekend I´ll be performing at and hosting Oslo´s annual masquerade in Unitersitstets Aula and Gamle Logen. Will be awsome! YOU should come!! Chek out my new video, "This is me", which pretty much sums up who I am and what I represent:)

Leaving for New York on February 20th - can´t wait to see the Knicks on fire again!!

Allways blend out in a good way,
Best, Aksel 5 years