torsdag 6. mai 2010

Kjell Bækkelund-award 2010

Last night I was awarded with the prestigious Kjell Bækkelund-award for 2010.

It was a magnificant evening, arranged and hosted by Bækkelund´s wonderful Brita Rosenberg, which I will never forget. I performed one of my solo pieces for piano, the first movement of Beethoven´s Spring sonata for violin and piano (with Bjarne Magnus Jensen), 1st movement of Mozart´s piano concerto nr. 11 and finished off with Gershwin´s Rhapsody in Blue. The two last pieces with the supercool Fredrikstad Chamber Orchestra. Bækkelund would have been 80 years yesterday, and it was a true honor for me to recieve his prize on his birthday. Kjell Bækkelund, one of the finest artists we have ever had in Norway! The prize was 100.000 NOK (approx 16.000 USD) - more than enough to finance my solo debut in Carnegie Hall in New York on October 10th this year! Brita, you have inspired me more than you can imagine! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and can´t wait to see you in Carnegie Hall!!

Now it´s off to Estonia for a solo tour with my newest compositions for piano solo - plane leaving in a couple of hours, got to get moving:)

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  1. Incredible! Congratulations! Sky is no limit.

  2. This is beyond cool. I'm so happy for you, you really deserve it! Keep up the amazingness!