lørdag 8. mai 2010

My first solo concert in Tallin

Yesterday I performed in the wonderful Tallinna Mustpeade Majas. A concert hall which has held concerts for more then 500 years! The team around me here in Estonia, under the wonderful leadership of Annely Abel, is absolutely amazeing. The extraordinary soprano and artistic warrior Pille Lill is a great inspiration for me, and her daughter Leelo has so much experience of manageing concerts and art in general that this smells a wonderful cooperation with Café de Concert in the future! The hall was packed with people and the acoustics were superfantastic! I am staying at the luxurious Telegraf Hotel in the heart of the old town in Tallin. The first thing I heard over the sterio walking towards my royal-like hotelroom was the "Trout quintet" by Schubert...I thought to my self: I am at home! Today I had a lovely breakfast in the Tschaikovskij-room, where they have house concerts every month. People, this is the place to be! My program for the tour is the same I performed in Oslo on March 24th, which at the Carnegie Hall concert in October will be reffered to as "The Aksel Kolstad Show" - with my newest compositions for piano and stand up comedy. Next concert will be at Sagadi Moisas tonight at 6 pm in Sagadi Manor. Can´t wait:)

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  1. This is the concert where I fell in love about piano music. Thank god there was man with suit made of "Beautiful Blond Girl In Europe" and not some guy with penguin suit :D
    Thanks for the best concert Aksel

  2. :) thank you for supernice words, brotha!!