fredag 9. juli 2010

Colorful trio in Tallin

I had the pleasure of performing several concerts in Estonia this time with two absolutely wonderful musicians, Kristina Kriit (violin) and Levi-Danel Mägila (cello). Kristina normally works in the orchestra in the opera in Tallin, Levi in Tallin Symphony Orchestra. More concerts are awaiting us this fall, hopefully as colorful as the ones we did this time! Thank you guys, you make the concert stage a better place for anybody performing with you:)

And yes...when we performed in Pärnu last night at our 10 pm-concert, I just had to leave my bag next to the white grand during the concert. We are all athletes!!

PS.: I sort of forgot to turn off my phone, which was lying in my bag. This I remembered when Kristina and I were in the middle of the second movement of Beethoven´s Spring Sonata. Never has any second movements been more ecxiting, I tell you that! Luckily nobody decieded to call me last night, much appreciated!!

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