søndag 3. april 2011

House concert down town New York

The wonderful Paulette and Will Dixon invited a bunch of their wonderful friends, artists and art-lovers to a house concert on April fool´s day, where I was lucky enough to perform on their wonderful Estonia grand piano. Paulette told me that the owner of the grand piano-brand Estonia calls her every year to ask how everything is going with the instrument. Now, THAT´S love and dedication to your curtomers, my dear friends! And it isn´t just anybody who owns Estonia, it is the magnificant world class pianist Dr. Indrek Laul - who actually came with his beautiful wife Triin to attend the house concert after Paulette had called Dr- Laul and invited them for the soirée. That´s just one of those facinating "only in New York-stories".

I loved playing on that Estonia and can´t wait to visit the Estonia-shop next to Carnegie Hall very soon!

And yes, my new kicks were on fire ;)

In the middle of the first piece I performed a little prima ballerina appeared, all of a sudden :)

After I finished my CD´s were sold to the wonderful audience!

Then, I started kissing Paulette, for beeing such an angel!

Then, I started kissing Dr. Laul, for beeing a genious!

And then...well....I really can´t blame it on the alcohol either, since I don´t drink...
Timothy J. Hunt works for the legendary Tom James clothing-design. We were talking about makeing some funky suits for a performance :)

With me at the concert was my newly hired secretary and PR assistant Katrine Nicolaysen. She´s a locomotiv of guts and creativ ideas in addition to beeing super-systematic, which is a dream come true for me in these hectic days of my carreer. More about the wonderful Katrine in a separat blog coming soon :)

After lots of fun at the party, the Kolstad-entourage à 4 went out...actually next door - to the supercool russian Mari Vanna !! :)

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