torsdag 9. september 2010

Press release of "The Aksel Kolstad Show in Carnegie Hall"

The day started off meeting up with, and getting to know a wonderful team which is doing a documentary on me.
A camera following you around every corner is...actually something I TOTALLY dig! So it´s a very cool experience, this documentary-project! Lots of memories came back to me when I walked into the small concert hall in the middle of the heart in Oslo - Oslo Musikklæreforeningens lokaler, Josefinesgate. This is where i held my concerts when I was a child. Class-concerts, christmas-concerts, summer-concerts, and on all of them - in addition to playing standard repertoire, I was allways given the opportunity to play some of my own music. Thank you Eva Sandvik Stugu, for beeing such a great inspiration to me in my youth!

This time I was here for my press release, presented by Musikk-Huset (my publisher), which has given me 100.000 NOK to support my Carnegie Hall concert as presenting sponsors. A full house of wonderful people came to get a small preview of the Carnegie Hall program. And boy, was that great fun:)

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