fredag 10. september 2010

The Aksel Kolstad Show on the road. First stop, Tønsberg!

Was great to perform in the beautiful Villa Møllebakken, especially with Frank Beck sitting on the first row.
Beck is one of Norway´s most respected motivators, in my eyes the very best, and he sure got me motivated all right!!
I have been so previleged to have Frank Beck follow me the past ten years, giving me wake up-calls, pointing in right directions and makeing me understand what I am good at and what I can do even better! I take my hat off for you, Frank! This concert was dedicated to you!

After the first half, since Frank was in the audience - I just had to show off another cool Moods of Norway suit!

After the concert, so many lovely people went backstage and touched my hair! (Cause I told them my hairdresser had put on some silky oil which made it super smooth!! I dig it when the fans pet me on my head!! )

And this (dette tok bare kaka, ass!!) was just the coolest gift I have EVER gotten from someone in the audience! Check it out, guys! It´s a custom made "piano/melodica/moods of norway tracktor-painting"!! How cool is THAT?!?! WORD!

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