fredag 18. juni 2010

Russia in retrospective

Vitalij Vasilievitch and his wonderful crew consisting of his son Artem and Artem´s cousin Elena - is doing an absolutely marvellous job in Russia, produceing great concerts with some outstanding musicians. In addition to that Vasilievitch has a vision and a force greater than most cultural entrepeneurs. His will to unite and collaborate is remarkable. And because of that Vasilievitch gets done more than most people can handle with two hands only.

It was a great pleausre to work with him, and this is just the beginning of many more projects in Russia, lead by "Vasilievitch and his magnificant duo".

This September I will envite musicians from Vasilievitch´s inner pocket and present them in my Café de Concert festival in Fredrikstad, Norway. If you have the chance to be there, don´t miss it!

Check out what Russian TV made out of the last concert in Pskov:

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