torsdag 10. juni 2010

Playing on Rachmaninovs home court

Novgorod - the home town of Rachmaninov, and so many other historical personalities and events! Before I went on stage I made sure Rachmaninov knew exactly where he had me. With my hat off. Then I put on my Nike´s and grooved as much as I could in Novgorod Philharmonic Concert Hall, hopeing that Rachmaninov would shake it in his grave! At least it made the audience get up out of their chairs at the end of the concert, that was fun :) Next stop Pskov - after a 4 hour roadtrip tomorrow morning. Gospodi!!!

P.S.: The dude with the shield...was the Danish King Rurik, who freakin´ ruled all of Russia almost 1000 years ago! Damn....Respect to the Danes!

And these bells made Rachmaninov groove in his famous c sharp minor prelude...

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