mandag 7. juni 2010

Rehersal and pressconference

Today I had the first rehersal with the orchestra and after that there was arranged a pressconference in St.Petersburg Center of Culture, where I met some very interesting people! The Norwegian Counselor was also there, very cool guy! Second rehersal with orchestra tomorrow and then I´m plannig to rock around the clock at the summer palace of Ekaterina on the 9th with Mozart and Gershwin. Great conductor, by the way - will write more about him later! And what do you know - at the hotel I am staying at I found a good upright piano the hotel so kindly allowed me to practise on, so now I don´t have to walk more than to floors down, before I see my beloved black and white keys...Man! I might get fat from all of this luxurious time for some sit-ups!

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