onsdag 9. juni 2010

Mozart and Gershwin in the Catherine Palace

A full house was waiting for me in a concert hall covered in gold. Yes, I felt as alive as never before. My heart was beating faster than ever, but once I heard the first chords of Mozart in the orchestra I dissapeared into another world. Yesterday night I felt totally inspired by everything here in St.Petersburg, so I wrote one cadenza for each movement in Mozart´s piano concerto nr. 11 in Rachmaninov-style, which I performed for the first time this evening at the Catherine Palace in Pushkin. The audience seemed to like it as they shouted bravo already after the first movement. That sure inspired me even more :) We finished off the concert with Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin. The ochestra was super funky and the conductor, my very good friend Mikhael, was totally awsome! Lovely audience, absolutely lovely!! It´s 3 am in the morning now, and I need to pack my bags and get some sleep before I set off at 8 am for a solo performance in Novgorod in the evening. "I love this game" :)

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