søndag 27. juni 2010

The phenomenon Harri Tiidus

I´d like you to get to know this guy called Harri. He´s Estonian and lives in Tallin. When ever he opens his mouth it´s either with mindblowing information about something supersmart or so funny that you really don´t know what hit you, you just burst out into laughter. Sometimes he even makes you laugh without opening his mouth. Just by looking at you. Harri is one of those people which is blessed with the talent of beeing talented at absolutely everything he does. Just now he has his own garage where he fixes old cars - Pimp my ride MTV, you got a thing or two to learn from this guy! But there is something more to this Harri Tiidus than his wonderful cars and more I can explain on paper. Harri is a conceptual person - you can even see it in the way he fixes his cars. When ever he gets an idea, the idea turnes into a conceptual flavour not represented in the colors of the rainbow. Harri paints with his own colors. Amazing. When ever you are in Tallin, look him up and get a taste of a genious mind. Harri and I are now planning to have an orchestra perform in his garage. And I´m makeing some sketches for a piece for orchestra and a car/motorcycle soloist... And PS - when I´ll be in Talin next week I´ll definetly be renting one of Harri´s cars. Need a ride?;)

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