søndag 27. juni 2010

Upcoming concert at Nano, Tallin

In one week I´ll be performing in the wonderful and very original Nano Café in Tallin, which I wrote about earlier.
When I was there recently I had a very interesting meeting with Beatrice, the Nano-entrepeneur and model agent, Annely Abel, a supersmart catch from Innovation Norway, Pille Lill Music Foundation, CdC´s super effective producers in Estonia, Svetlana Puzjorjova, a yet undiscovered ultra gifted designer and Helen Löhmus, probably Estonias most productive creative soul - which knows the whole world, and also has it in the palm of her hands. In october we will all collaborate on stage under the Aksel Kolstad Show with some pretty wild ideas! Look forward to it, guys!!

Svetlana will be blogging about one of the projects for the concert on my blog so you can follow the developement of our idea! Will be in Tallin from July 4th until July 15th. Performing chambermusic in Tallin and in Pärnu with great Estonian musicians, looking very much forward to that!

Beatrice, left, Svetlana, right.

But right now, I´m chillin´ in Dalyan in Turkey with my for ever young and super sporty mum and dad. Relaxing and prepareing for new tasks. I travel much these days - in monkeyclass as often reffered to (with one adventurous ecxeption...) But when ever I travel with papa mafia - we travel 1st class. Dad, I take my hat off for you!!

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