søndag 13. juni 2010

Final concert in Pskov

After driving from St.Petersburg to the concert in Novgorod in 3 hours, a 4 hours road trip awaited us the day after.
As you can see, Artem (one of the fabulous producers - more on them in my next blog) didn´t quite know in which direction he´d point out the way to Pskov after we had driven for a while, so I guess he just posed for the camera:)
Igor, our magnificant camerman, drove us the whooole time! Igor - you are the man! And a man of action - cause we really
didn´t know where we were going....

Never the less, we made it in the end!
And hey - I got to play in front of a castle!!!! I´d drive anywhere for that!
Some last minute tuning needed to be done after a TV-interview, and then Pskov got to know this shy musician from Norway.

Many thank´s to the wonderful translator Valeria Isaeva for her outstanding english and super funky shoes!!

MAN, what a tour this has been! Many, many thank´s to Vitalij Vasilievitch and his magnificant crew! I´ll let all of you readers in on just how fantastic they are, and what superb work they do for fine arts in Russia in my following blog. And then, maybe some unofficial photos from the tour...what do you say guys? Ready for some party pics? Well see ;)

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  1. Hello Aksel! I know your translator, Valeria Isaeva! She was an exchange student at my college in the USA. I know you from our emails several years ago about your "Sinfonietta Salvador Dali".

    What a small world!

    Gary Evans