mandag 18. oktober 2010

Full house in Tallinn

So just a few days after my Carnegie Hall debut I flew a cross the atlantic to perform in the wonderful Estonian Concert Hall in Tallinn. 200 tickets were sold out two days before the concert, and all in all there were over 400 who came to see the Aksel Kolstad Show on Sunday October 16th. And ps, this was the extravaganza show where I dress up as a woman and sing soprano arias, dance the nutcracker and all sorts of funky shit. Speaking of which...I started the show by showing two videos of me playing Schubert in a Lakers-jacket and my famous grand jump/fall over a grand piano and then...I came out on stage dancing to Kiss by Prince! Now THAT gave me a kick :D (I possibly surprised a couple of the more conventional spectators in the audience, hahaha....) The Tallinn-show also had a special treat with a world premiere of my 5 fashion interludes with fashion costumes designed by my good friend Svetlana Puzorjova was shown by models from Beatrice Model Agency and also the coreography of Savela and Antipenko when I performed my Harlekin-variations over Bach! Didn´t get the photos from the photographers yes, but will post them asap! After the concert I invited the audience out for an after-party at Vabadus...and then we had another after-party at Nano. I just love meeting new people and partying with them after concerts:)

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