torsdag 12. august 2010

Successfull Carnegie preview-concert at WMP

People started to come at 6:30 pm to mingle and where having a great time at the wonderful WMP, Workshop for Music Perofmances - my new home in New York.

At 7:15 pm EST I was online on UStream, having an interview with Eric Wielander from my creative publicist Susan Blond Inc.

And at 7:30 pm spitfire Kolstad started his attack;) I had a great time on stage and the audience seemed to have so too!

Dime Magazine was there and posted an article the morning after, that was cool!

WMP is one of the best venues I have performed in, which also reflects the magnificant crew working there. Top notch musicians which also have a brilliant mind for music business. Dear friends in Europe, especially you in Norway, get your asses over at WMP to perform and mingle with the right people in NY!!

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