lørdag 14. august 2010

Comic Strip and Shabana Rehma

At my Carnegie preview-concert the other day I met the famous comic writer Jeffrey Gurian who yesterday took me to the the historical Comic Strip and also introduced me to the legendary Richard Tienken, owner of the Comic Strip and former manager of Eddie Murphy for 11 years. The Comic Strip is the place where every major comedian today started out. Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, David Chapell, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld....soon to be Aksel Kolstad??

Yesterday night was also the premiere of the Norwegian-Pakistani performance artist and comedian Shabana Rehma´s show "For Kingdom and Fatherland". The story of her life served to the audience as hors d'oeuvres of pureb blood, sweat and tears. Shabana - you got balls! Respect!

After a great reception at Kristin Dahle from Innovation Norway, Jeffrey pulled other with his Jag and took the Norwegian mafia out on town!

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