søndag 8. august 2010

A day in the Hamptons

After tons of meetings, hours of rehearsing and a lot of working out in central park since August 3rd , my wonderful producer Anna Gutto suggested I should come out to the Hamptons yesterday, to relax a bit in between work hours on Saturday´s to do list. And what a great idea that was...

But of course I had to do a little propaganda for my Carnegie preview-concert this upcoming Tuesday, handing out invitations and business cards on the beach to cool local people!

Anna also introduced me to the super funky Hampton Music Store and its very cool owner. There is absolutely no doubt,
I´m gonna play a couple of Café de Concert-concerts here either this or next year!! It´s like a store made into a livingroom!! Totally dig it! Feel´s like playing at home!

After all of Saturday´s administrative work was done (and thank you Anna, for fixing and manageing to book my maniac-cross atlantic round-trip concert banana-crazy tour-ticket) I went out in the Hamptons...

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