torsdag 19. august 2010

Honored with the Elkjøp-award

Elkjøp is a huge chain in Norway (exists in Greece also, I believe) for electronic devices of all sorts with very high quality. They just opened a brand new mega-store in my hometown, Fredrikstad. I had the previlige of receveing their "opening-scholarship" worth 50.000 NOK (approx 8300 UDS) today and gave a short recital in the store! THAT was fun! I used all of the money to buy a grand piano (the one in the photo) to one of my favourite cafées in Fredrikstad - Verdensspeilet Café. As of today it is the official Café de Concert festival-café, which actually is hosting the 5th annual festival this September 16th, check out
Verdensspeilet Café, congratulations with your new grand piano, and well done with the renotavion of the oldest cinema in Fredrikstad into a superfunky and new, open space in your café! Elkjøp, thank you so very, very much! Special thank´s to Christian Brekke and Anders Foss from Elkjøp! I am honored to recieve your award! And MAN did my new Jordan Nike´s suit your floor!!

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