lørdag 20. mars 2010

Resent prizes

"Scholarship from Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation"

Last December I was given a scholarship worth 30.000 NOK from the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundaiton in Norway to contribute to my work and studies in New York. I was of course is very extremely greatful for the scholarship and am so much looking forward to bring back more projects from the US to Norway as a result of the scholarship.

"Price of honor"

During the concert I hosted on January 3rd 2010 in Fredrikstad, I was awarded 30.000 NOK "for Kolstad´s extraordinary work for classical music in Norway" by Østfold Energy. The price was handed over completely by surprise! It came from out of the blue and the crowed seemed to like that:)

"Price of Honor - Østfold Energy Inc.´s price of honor for fine arts is given to Aksel Kolstad because of his
extraordinary work for classical music in Norway. The intention of giving the price is to stimulate and inspire the price-winner to achieve new artistic goals."

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