søndag 9. mai 2010

Sagadi Manor

The outastanding sporano and superior art-warrior Pille Lill

One and a half hour north of Tallin lies this manor which I think should be called for a castle! A true spa treatment for the eyes! Some good Estonien friends of mine showed up at the concert to my surprise, and also some great people from yesterday came for the second time. I feel so honored to perform for so many wonderful persons here in Estonia. Unfortunately the manor didn´t have a grand piano (yet), but with the help of a skillfull pianotuner from Tallin I did the best I could trying to make magic with the musical keys of the house. What great energy that manor gave me! And this manor will be encluded as the first collaborating manor to Café de Concert´s Nordic Chambermusic Center in Norway (Elingaard, Fredrikstad), this beeing concluded after a wonderful chat with the lady of the house after the concert. I will actually be returning to this wonderful place this July for inspiration and recreation. So should the rest of the world...

Today is my day off here in Tallin. The weather is a bit grey, but one must not forget that grey is also a nice color produced by the artistic rainbow! I´ll be doing a long work-out before hitting the sauna and jacuzzi, then strolling around this magical old town and meeting up with friends at the opera later to hear soprano Pille Lill sing Prokofiev! Looking very much forward to that!!

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