mandag 6. februar 2012

"This is me"

So I´m on the road again, 2nd week of school concerts for children about the crazy Mozart in a fantastic city on the south west coast of Norway - Stavanger. One week ago I performed at Glogerfestspillene, the amazing chambermusic festival in Kongsberg, Norway. Press went nuts, but who can blame them ;) Next week in Oslo will be packed, looking forward to perform in the Opera in Norfjordeid already this weekend. Next weekend I´ll be performing at and hosting Oslo´s annual masquerade in Unitersitstets Aula and Gamle Logen. Will be awsome! YOU should come!! Chek out my new video, "This is me", which pretty much sums up who I am and what I represent:)

Leaving for New York on February 20th - can´t wait to see the Knicks on fire again!!

Allways blend out in a good way,
Best, Aksel 5 years

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