mandag 19. april 2010

House-concert at Aksel´s place!

Chamber music was originally made for small chambers. That´s why it´s important to actually hold chamber music concerts in small, private rooms from time to time, to not loose tradition. This time - is Friday, at my place. Everybody is welcome! I´ll be playing with my very good friend and the wonderful violinist Bjarne Magnus Jensen, who performed at my last house-concert along with the also well known violinist Catharina Chen. Bjarne and I will be playing Bach, Mozart and Beethoven in addition to some wine and an amazeing apple cake my mother tought me how to make. During my studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music I used to throw apple cake-parties almost every sunday, which could enclude poetry, chamber music - or massage, where everybody would give each other a good old massage to get the blood pumping. It´s time to get the apple cake concert-parties up and running again. Hm, maybe I should contact Apple.... C u there :) 7 pm at Bjerregaardsgt. 64 B, Oslo.

3 kommentarer:

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  2. Hurra for deg som fyller ditt år! :) Ha en fortreffelig bursdag, og god feiring t helga!